Slow Boat Farm
... deepening human connection to the natural environment through recreation and sustenance.

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Story & Photo Tour

It started as 21 acres of opportunity and reed canary grass
on an island in the Columbia River.

Sept 2005
Ginni Callahan acquired a farm on Puget Island (Cathlamet, WA, lower Columbia River)
In three months of intensive renovation, the house was made ready for habitation.

Returning from Mexico in
Spring 2006

We began rehabilitation on garage, barn, and land.
A rustic kayak launch was carved through the riverside cottonwood forest, and trips launched from there.
Produce from SBF was sold at the Puget Island Farmer's Market in late summer

Summer 2007

The First Annual Lower Columbia Kayak Roundup happened in August 2007.
Camping was officially offered.
We expanded food production, especially garlic.
We sold produce at markets, to restaurants, and to individuals

Summer 2008

The Second Annual Lower Columbia Kayak Roundup ran in August, 2008.
We moved the kayaking office in to the upgraded chicken coop and added a wing for event registration and produce sales.
Had fantasies of constructing many buildings.
Did build a produce washing station which recycled the gray water back into the garden.
Acquired a riding mower, and dreamed of livestock rotation.
Continued to sell produce and run kayak trips and courses.

Summer 2009
The Third Annual Lower Columbia Kayak Roundup ran in August, 2009.
Community kitchen constructed.
Garden produced heaps of garlic.

Summer 2010
The Fourth Annual Lower Columbia Kayak Roundup ran in August, 2010.
Small garden raised and devoured.
Many people enjoyed camping in the peaceful pasture.
Shower shed provided toasty hot showers in a rustic setting.


Summer 2011
The fifth and final Lower Columbia Kayak Roundup lasted from Sept 5-20, and hosted
17 BCU programs plus other half-day, full-day, and 3-day programs.

... deepening human connection to the natural environment through recreation and sustenance.


Other Past Events


Composting Toilet Workshop

Building, using, and learning about simple composting toilets, by Larry Warnberg,
designer of the SCAT (Solar Composting Alternative Toilet)
July 2007



Organically raised food has personality as well as flavor!

With help from a friend, we raised and sold 70 meat chickens the first summer.

It's not just the food, it's the whole experience!
I love the textures and patterns, the rhythms, and the interconnectedness of things in the garden.


simple living

As humans on this planet, we are conduits of resources and energy.
At the end, we leave with exactly what we came with, and in between
we just move things around--with our hands, with our purchases, and through our bodies.

basic tools


solar and wind energy

Well, you gotta start somewhere!



From our launch you can access quiet sloughs, the Columbia River, and eventually the Pacific Ocean.
From there, the entire world!

gettin' by with a little help from our friends

Tree planting is rewarding work, and mud just makes it more fun!

Rule #1: Feed the troops really well

Twenty-one acres is a lot of really tall grass, and we do treasure our friends who share their tractors! Melissa above.

Brad tills the first garden.

Brad also fills the first garden.

seasons on the farm







Fall brings moody skies and sunbursts. And storms that take down trees, a natural form of "rototilling" the forest.


Next year's garlic in the snow (L) Cliffs of the Cathlamet Channel from our milkroom window (R)

Snow means its past time for this slow boater to head to Mexico!

Thanks for taking the Slow Boat Farm Tour!


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